Carlo Bonato


Carlo Bonato is an engineer and a business consulting manager: he took a Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Padua University, and a he started his activities after a Technical Automotive Association Diploma, and a Master in ISVOR. In FIAT Auto he took the assignment to manage a business process reengineering project, in order to implement lean manufacturing model in all Italian factories. In Ferrari he covered the positions of Director of Operations, where he managed a strategic partnership with ALCOA for car spaceframe industrialization and production in Italy, German and USA plants. After an international experience as Project Manager in i2 Technologies – a supply chain solutions leading provider – in 2001, he founded PRODUCTILITY srl (, a consultancy company, leveraging his personal experiences and knowledge of lean manufacturing, supply chain management, industrial engineering, and ICT. He actually works for many customers worldwide and he collaborates with Public and Private Industrial & Service Association in Italy and abroad, with the aim to share his knowledge on business improving performances, and associating real job experiences with attitude to communicate and to involve resources in the project.

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