Luca Santi


Luca Santi is Chartered Accountant, Legal Auditor and Professional Mediator in Civil and Commercial Matters.

He is professional Mediator in some Italian Chambers of Commerce and some private bodies, as well as a theoretical-practical trainer for some accredited training bodies.

Component of some of the Study Commissions at the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accountants in Verona.

President from 2013 until today of the Commission "Arbitration and Mediation" he is expert in Organizational and Management Models at the University of Verona and expert on "Business Network Contracts".

Luca Santi has created a specialized network in the defence of the taxpayer during all phases of litigation. He collaborates in the drawing up of articles, books and monographs of in-depth study on taxation and taxation, and is a lecturer in training seminars and in conferences of updating for professionals and administrative staff in fiscal matters, budget and company.

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