Paolo Piva


Paolo Piva is associate professor of Advanced European Law at the University of Padua. He has been teaching Comparative and EU law at the Universities of Padua and Verona for many years as a lecturer, whilst at the same time practising law as an advocate in Venice and Padua. Prior to this he completed his Ph.D. in Padua and Bologna on State aids and direct effectiveness of EU law. Subsequently, he has successfully completed his MA in EU Competition Law at King’s College (London) with a dissertation on The ‘competition goal’ and the other legitimate objectives in EU competition and public procurement law. He has pleaded before the Court of Justice in Luxembourg on many occasions and on various topics, particularly in the area of EU law and International Law.

Presentations and Publications

He has numerous articles on the topics of EU law and Comparative law, as for instance An introduction to Italian Public Law, in European Public Law Review, London vol. 1, issue 3, Sept. 1995, pp. 299-307 and the Italian Report on the Compensation of victims of violent crimes, in Compensating crime victims, ed. D. Greer, Freiburg, (Max Planck-Institut), 1996, pp. 373-371; From the EU perspective, more recently, he has written two monographs in Italian Giudice nazionale e diritto dell’Unione europea. I. Diretta efficacia e primato (National Judge and EU Law. I. Direct Effectiveness and Primacy), Napoli, 2008, pp. XII-XIV, 1-209) and Il principio di effettività della tutela giurisdizionale nel diritto dell’Unione europea (The principle of effective jurisdictional protection in EU Law), Napoli, 2012, I-XI, 1-297). | Avenue du Manoir 26 A - 1180 Brussels - Belgium